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The following information is provided for competitors.

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Registration Closing Dates

Registration may be done at any time before the closing of the entry list of the first rally in which the competitor wishes to participate.

However, points will not be awarded retrospectively.

(NOTE: these are approximate only – actual entry closing dates will be advised by each organiser in the event Supplementary Regulations).

A change in registration process now requires competitors to nominate a Championship, or Cup, of APRC.

Registration can be done at any time during the year, however Championship points will not be allocated retrospectively.

Registration must be completed BEFORE the close of entries for the first rally to be contested of the nominated Championship/Cup.

To encourage early registration, a reduced fee is payable if registration is completed one month BEFORE the close of entries of the first rally of the nominated Championship/Cup.

Approximate entry closing dates and early registration dates, per rally:

Country Location Entries Close Early Entries
New Zealand Whangarei 16 April 16 March
Australia Canberra 4 May 4 April
Malaysia Johor 29 June 29 May
Japan Hokkaido 24 August 24 July
China Longyou 28 September 28 August

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