More Chances for Local Competitors

The FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship is encouraging national competitors to enter and compete in the APRC section of each host country’s rally.

At the New Zealand and Australia APRC events held in May and June, combining the fields was hugely successful allowing local competitors to compete in an international event with all the associated benefits the APRC brings including two boxes of free Wurth product, international television and media exposure, points in the APRC Wurth Cup and the opportunity to win the US$1000 Wurth Cup prize money at each event.

Wurth Prize Presentation, Whangarei 2018
To quote Australia’s Wurth Cup winner Eli Evans “It’s the most prize-money I’ve ever won at a rally!!”.

“The concept is to allow competitors to compete in the international event as long as they are governed by the ASN regulations and their cars pass scrutineering under those regulations. It essentially allows a local competitor to enter their home international event without the need for an international license”, said APRC Coordinator Murray Brown.

Wurth team kits at Canberra 2018
With the approval of each respective ASN, national competitors may use their domestic National Competition license, as opposed to an FIA International Competition license.

Vehicle eligibility and safety standards will be according to the relevant ASN Rally Championship regulations.

More information may be found on the National Competitors page.