Disappointment for MIT in China but looking ahead to 2015

Taiwan based team, MIT Motorsport, took on a tough challenge competing in the Asia Pacific Rally Championship in Long You China this past weekend. With female driver Shen Hui-Lan and Co driver Chen Yi-Wen tackling the muddy stages of Long You, this was a completely new experience for both of them.

Though the team experience a small problem with the technical regulations, with the help of everyone competing in APRC and the organizers, the female pair successfully set out to experience a rally that they have never experienced before. “I am very very grateful at how friendly and helpful everyone at the rally was to help us get started here!” said Shen.

However, their good luck came to an end on stage 2, when they finally made it up the uphill section and ready to continue on the downhill section, they found their front brake line snapped after going over a large rock. After inspection, Shen tried to continue with only the hand brake down the hill but unfortunately with the muddy and slippery surface, they found themselves going over a small cliff on a left hairpin.

Luckily the local residents had some bamboo strips laying near the edge and the Fiat 500’s wheel was caught by the strips to prevent a disastrous fall. “We were extremely lucky, those bamboos were our savior… we are never eating bamboo shoots again to repay this debt” both Shen and Chen joked.

They were safely transported out of the stage 3 hours later in the freezing rain because the stage was canceled due to hazardous conditions and the remaining cars couldn’t make it up the stage.

Even though this round was the team’s one off event with APRC this year, the team was able to experience the friendly and competitive environment of APRC and felt very welcome there. They are now considering returning next year so they can re-attempt to finish the challenge that they couldn’t complete this time.

This article originally appeared on aprc.tv.