Malaria rules Takale out of Malaysian Rally

Cusco Subaru driver Sanjay Takale from India has had to with-draw from the APRC Malaysian Rally after contracting malaria. Takale become ill last month and although initial anti-malaria treatment looked to have been successful, it has came back a second time with a vengeance.

“As you know Malaysia requires a lot of fitness and strength, I have lost over 15 kg. I don’t want to risk my life or my co-drivers due to my poor fitness and therefore I have no choice but to with-draw from the event. My doctors have advised that I should rest for at least 3 months. I must say I am feeling very sad and dejected that I could not participate in Asia Cup”,said Takale from his home in Pune, India.

Takale is hoping to be fit enough to travel to Malaysia, the country where he has done most of his rallying, to catchup with everyone in the service-park.

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