Competitor Update – August 2015

Hi everyone, further news and updates on upcoming APRC rallies for 2015.

Malaysian Rally

  • Rally Guide 2 is available on the rally website
  • Please note the revised programme as advised in RG2 which is changed from RG1.
  • Plans are in place for me to do import customs inspections next week, prior to teams arrival. Team containers are expected to be placed in Angsana SP on Friday evening 7 August, and teams will be able to access them and start prep from Saturday 8 August.
  • Please note we have been advised of possible delays for the arrival at port due to congestion. This may delay the actual clearance and delivery of containers to Angsana.
  • Because of the tight shipping schedule to Japan, teams are advised that export customs inspections will likely take place on Monday morning 17 August. As soon as I have details of time I will advise all concerned.
  • My mobile number in Malaysia will be +60136127784

APRC Working Group meeting

  • A reminder that the annual meeting of the APRC Working Group will be held at 8am on Monday 17 August, at Grand Paragon Hotel.
  • Your presence at this meeting will be important, as the group needs to know what you are thinking re future of APRC.
  • The agenda and dossier will be available to teams and competitors from later this week. This is on request only basis.

Fuel orders for Japan and China

  • Fuel orders for Japan MUST be placed with me before 1 August 2015, ie end of this week.
  • Fuel orders for China MUST be placed with me by 12 August to allow me to apply for the required import permit in advance.

Rally Hokkaido

  • Supplementary Regulations are due to be available on the rally website from tomorrow Tuesday 28 July
  • As in previous years, we will not have access to the Kita Aikoku SP until Monday 14 September. I plan to have all containers placed in the SP no later than midday on Monday.
  • A general reminder to competitors and drivers that you should check the validity of your drivers licence in Japan. If any doubt, please contact the organisers directly, or myslef.

China Rally

  • Rally Guide 1 is available on rally website or
  • As usual, we have to make plans well in advance for temporary import permits. I will be contacting all teams re this over next few weeks, and we can discuss in Malaysia.

Coffee Day India Rally

  • We welcome a return to India as a round of Asia Cup 2015, in the Coffee Day plantations around the city of Chikmaglur.
  • Rally Guide 1 is available on the rally website
  • I am in process of finalising the import and local requirements for international teams. As this information is confirmed I will advise all concerned.
  • Chikmaglur is 250 km north of Bangalore, the nearest international airport city.
  • Please do not hestiate to contact me or the organisers directy if you have any questions on this rally or the preparation for it.

If you are having any problems accessing the above information and documents, please contact me directly and I can send you a copy. Any other questions re the above events, or the APRC, again, please feel free to contact me directly

Murray Brown
APRC Coordinator