Malaysian Kenneth Koh joins the Junior Cup

Kenneth Koh from Malaysia is one of the APRC’s new Junior Cup competitors and next week will arrive in New Zealand for the first round. While new to international rallying,  Koh is very experienced and has a long rallying history. Add co-driver Jagdev Singh and the pair will no doubt figure highly in the Junior class.


Rallying is in my DNA. I’ve been rallying since the age of 2, but not driving, SPECTATING and SUPPORTING! My dad is has been rallying in the 1990’s, so the passion towards rallying has started way before I can walk. As I grow, I’ve met numerous rally legend in Malaysia, Mr. Henry Yap, Mr. Ron Teoh and also Karamjit Singh. They are my inspiration and I respect them because I wanted to be a World Class Rally Driver like them.


I did not have the opportunity like any other kids to start Go karting, I grew up watching kids driving race karts in shah alam circuit wanting to try it out. I’ve never complain or request to my dad to go for go karting because I know that professional go karting is expensive.


At the age of 17, one of my dad close friend offer me to drive in a club event with his car. I finished 3rd in class. I learnt a lot and I told myself to work hard for what I want. He continue supporting me for 2 years. In that period, I’ve won numerous club events and I won a few Junior Category and 1.6 category.


In year 2011, I leased a car and wanted to participate full season in the Malaysian Rally Championship. It was really tough for me as I don’t have any sponsors. I work hard and I’m able to search for a few sponsors to support me to go for Round 1 MRC Johor. I started the rally with only RM50 in my wallet as I spend all my savings on the car. My co driver is a 18 years old female co driver Nicole Anne Perreau which is her first time co driving. Despite it’s my 1st time driving in the National Championship, with limited resources and young female co driver, we finished 5th overall upright in the Malaysian Rally Championship overall standing and 1st in 2wd and P11 class. Thankfully, my family is supportive enough to give me personal loan. J


Round 2 of the Malaysian Rally Championship was quite disappointing as we were lying 6th overall on the 1st day, and as we started 2nd day, our drive shaft broke and we score zero points for round 2.


I never give up and keep working hard for what I dreamt of despite facing lots of obstacles and problem. Round 3 was in Malacca and we finished 3rd overall on the podium! We also created history for being the youngest driver and co driver to be on the podium in the Malaysian Rallying History.

The rally was tough as it was raining and muddy. Round 4 was the last round of MRC,  Bahau. Unfortunately, I was lying 4th overall but the car has some mechanical issue that I had to stop in the stage. But we still finished 4th overall in the 1st day, and the lead was cut short. We finished 5th overall in Round 4.


For 2011 season, I finished 5th overall in the Malaysian Rally Championship, 1st 2wd, 1st junior and 3rd in P11 and P10. We’ve also created history by being the youngest rally driver to finished 1st in 2wd class in the Malaysian Rallying History.


Although it’s my 1st year driving in the Malaysian Rally Championship, finished on the podium and 1st in 2wd and junior is really a dream come true for me. From that I learnt, Nothing is impossible & never give up! Starting in 2011, everybody has doubt, looked down on me and gave me negative comments. But I’m very grateful having my family and supportive friends around me who support me all the way.


In 2012, I will work harder to achieve greater results.

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