One-Hour programme for International TV broadcasters

APRC TV is currently producing a one-hour programme that will feature Rally Queensland, Whangarei and Hokkaido. Broadcasters are ESPN STAR Sports (Asia and 60 million subscribers), NowSports Hong Kong, GD-TV China (220 million potential viewers), Motors-TV Europe (16 million subscribers) , Fox Sports Australia, SKY Sports NZ and TVNZ (tbc).

Following are the TX schedules for ESPN STAR Sports beams

  STAR Sports China

08 Aug 09 13:00hkt (Saturday)

09 Aug 09 07:00hkt

STAR Sports Hong Kong

09 Aug 09 19:00hkt (Sunday)

11 Aug 09 00:00hkt

STAR Sports India

09 Aug 09 17:30hkt (Sunday)

10 Aug 11:30hkt

13 Aug 07:30hkt


10 Aug 09 07:00hkt

10 Aug 09 23:00hkt (Monday)

STAR Sports Taiwan

10 Aug 09 03:00hkt

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