Pedder: MI May Struggle

Photo courtesy of Pedder has fired the first shots in the MRF vs Motor Image battle for the 2008 APRC crown.

Pedder, MRFs new signing for 2008, believes the new model Subaru WRX, that MotorImage will use from Rally Whangarei onwards, isn’t a match for the out-going model and also predicted the FIAs new tyre rules will provide an extra hurdle for Cody Crocker.

“Cody is going into a new car…the rumours are is that it probably isn’t as good as the old car. And also the tyre ruling this year, from a Pirelli point of view where you have to run a non-confidential tyre, from my knowledge of the Pirelli, (it) will really effect his performance”.

In fact, Pedder believes his strongest opponent, may be his MRF teammate, Katsu Taguchi. “He’s incredible fast and consistant. He knows the roads and knows the car…in my mind he’s as much of a threat as Cody is”.

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