APRC 2008 – ‘All Out, All Change’

As Murray Brown mentioned in the last APRC Live podcast, there’s a raft of changes planned for the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship on 2008.

The most significant is the addition of two regional ‘cups’, providing extra exposure for crews that don’t have the budget to contest the full ‘six out of seven’ rounds of the series.

In the ‘Asia Cup’ crews will be battle each other at rallies Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and China, each crew nominating to contest three of the four rallies. While the ‘Pacific Cup’ crews will fight it out at rallies Nouvelle Caledonia, Whangarei and Canberra.

For the ‘full-time’ APRC crews, they will the continue to battle for the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship at six of the series seven rounds that they nominate before the start of the series. (Additionally, they may also nominate to contest either the Asian or Pacific cups as well as the full APRC title).

Also expected to make an appearance next year will be Super 2000 cars.

Already competing throughout Europe, South Africa and Australia, the Super 2000 category allows manufacturers who don’t sell turbo-charged, 4WD cars the opportunity to compete with an FIA-approved drive-train, and high-revving, normally aspirated engines.

And the FIA’s new tyre rules come into force for 2008, limiting crews tyre choice to commercially available rubber, and spelling the end of well-funded teams being able to ship in ‘spec’ tyres for particular events.

As Murray Brown said, “I’ve had considerable interest from teams and drivers for APRC 2008. I am very confident of a strong turn out for next year and believe the inclusion of the Asia Cup and Pacific Cup will boost entries at all the events”.

Photos courtesy of Linear Photographs, Keith McKinnon and Jewski

This article originally appeared on aprclive.com and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship or its partner organisations.

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