Completed Stage (1.47km)

M. YOUNG1m 0.5s
F. Takahashi1m 3.36s
E. Iwashita1m 3.7s
A. Masumura1m 3.76s
K. Koide1m 3.9s
M. Aoki1m 4.61s
D. LIN1m 7.37s
Y. Aoyama1m 7.57s
S. Konishi 1m 9.1s
Y. Kohama1m 10.6s
N. Otake1m 12.47s
K. TERASHIMA1m 13.8s
K. MURAKAMI1m 16.05s
K. MATSUSHITA1m 16.75s
T. Mori1m 17.7s
K. Nogariya1m 19.41s
M. Yamada1m 19.73s
T. Hasegawa1m 20.4s
Y. Hagiwara1m 23.51s

NOTE: Times are indicative only, may not include any penalties, and may not be identical to the offical recorded stage times.

Live timing and tracking data courtesy of RallySafe.