Competitors Qualified for 2019 Finale

These competitors have registered and competed in the APRC during 2019. To qualify for the 2019 APRC Finale at China Rally, drivers must compete in at least two Pacific Cup or two Asia Cup events.

Competitors Qualified for 2019 APRC Finale

Competitor Driver ASN Finale Qualified
Dave Holder Dave Holder MSNZ
Hayden Paddon Hayden Paddon MSNZ
Haowen Chu Haowen Chu CAMS
Jack Hawkeswood Jack Hawkeswood MSNZ
Andrew Hawkeswood Andrew Hawkeswood MSNZ
Cusco Mike Young MSNZ
Cusco Suguru Kawana JAF
Fuyuhiko Takahashi Fuyuhiko Takahashi JAF
Cusco Nao Otake JAF
TRD Yuki Kohama JAF
Atsushi Masumura Atsushi Masumura JAF
Marcus Walkem Marcus Walkem CAMS
Immens Motorsport Mitsuhiro Aoki JAF
Molly Taylor Molly Taylor CAMS
Fabio Frisiero Fabio Frisiero
Lewis Bates Lewis Bates CAMS
Harry Bates Harry Bates CAMS
Rihan Variza Rihan Variza Indonesia
Aldrian Suwardi Chandra Aldrian Suwardi Chandra Indonesia
Edwin Djaya Edwin Djaya Indonesia
Priamanaya Djan Priamanaya Djan Indonesia
Tomohide Hasegawa Tomohide Hasegawa JAF

Last updated: 1 October 2019