Competitor Update – 22 January 2019

2019 APRC V4 regulations and 2019 FIA RRSR

  • The FIA has now published the 2019 RRSR including V4, specific to APRC. Please go to the following link to download the latest version:
  • The National Car Approval form (ASN cars) has now been finalised. Please email me or the secretariat if you wish to receive a copy of this application form. This form will apply to ALL cars that are not included in the list of eligible cars as in RRSR Art 4.2 and as added in V4 Art 4.2. If in doubt, please contact me directly or the APRC secretariat.
  • Please note that for ALL cars, whether FIA eligible or ASN approved cars, they must be in full compliance with App J Art 253, as per RRSR Art 4.3.6.
  • The 2019 APRC registration form is also now available. Please email me or the secretariat if you want a copy.
  • Cars that are registered for the APRC and intend to compete in the APRC finale in China in October, must be eligible cars ie FIA eligible or ASN approved. The other minimum requirement is compliance with App J Art 253.

ASN cars will be required to meet or exceed the weight to power ratio as determined by the FIA. The text below is a communication published by the APRC executive:

As you know, the APRC regulations have evolved for the 2019 season, with the opportunity of welcoming more national categories. This extended acceptance is based on power-to-weight calculations made by the FIA, to ensure that the performance level of the national categories does not exceed the R5, which represents the performance benchmark for the FIA Regional Rally Championships.

On the basis of the technical information you will provide us for the eligible categories (using the National Car Approval form), the FIA will therefore carry out a simulation in order to obtain the theoretical power of the cars and to define the minimum weight for this category.

For information, the FIA calculation are based on a reference power-to-weight ratio of 4.4 kg/hp (1230 kg / 280 hp for a R5). It should be noted that the minimum weights of each category may be reviewed after each rally, in the event that a national category proves to be much more efficient than the R5s.

FT3 fuel tank subsidy

  • As you are all aware, the FIA’s paramount concern in any form of motorsport is safety. As a result, all rally cars competing in any international series, or part thereof, must have FT3 fuel tanks installed.
  • As this impacts on many of our competitors, NR4/ APRC 2 and others, there is a process being put in place to provide a fund for the subsidized replacement of standard fuel tanks with FT3 type fuel tanks.
  • The current plan will see this administered by the ASN in each country in the APRC region.
  • Further information can be obtained from myself, the secretariat or your ASN.

2019 APRC proposed calendar

  • The FIA is waiting for final confirmation of some details before the final 2019 calendar is published.
  • The location of the grand finale has been settled – Longyou, China.
  • There will be 4 qualifying rallies for Pacific Cup, 2 in New Zealand, and 2
    in Australia
  • There will be 4 qualifying rallies for Asia Cup, Indonesia, Malaysia, and 2 in Japan.
  • The first rallies will be Rally Otago (NZL – 13-14 April), Rally Whangarei (NZL – 4-5 May), and Rally Tasmania (AUS – 22-23 June).
  • It will not be possible to compete in both Rally Tasmania and the first Asia qualifying rallies. (Rally of Medan – IDN – 6-7 July and possibly Rally of Johor – MYS – 3-4 August)

APRC & Cups Logistics

In an effort to ensure all competitors have as many options available to them, to compete in the APRC rallies, I can provide a customised logistics service to meet your needs.

As I have done for the last 20 years, I will be offering complete logistics services to competitors taking part in either Pacific Cup, Asia Cup, qualifying rallies and of course the finale in China. Once the calendar is confirmed I can provide a detailed logistics plan. In interim, please feel free to contact me directly to get further information.

If you require any further information or advice on any of the above, please contact me directly.

Murray Brown
+63 908 310 5888