Competitor Update – 27 July 2018

Coffee Day India Rally

The organisers of Coffee Day India Rally have decided to cancel their event for APRC 2018. For further information please contact the organisers directly at or myself.

APRC Working Group meeting

  • The APRC Working Group meeting was held in Johor Bahru on Monday 23 July. Click here for more information.
  • The APRC secretariat has now been moved to New Zealand. Contact details are:
    Merran Brockie-David
    Rally New Zealand
    PO Box 62021
    Sylvia Park, Auckland 1644
    New Zealand
    Ph. +64 9 276 0882

Rally Hokkaido

  • Rally Guide 1 and Supplementary Regulations are already available online
  • Rally Guide 2 is due to be available 24 August.
  • Entries are now open, the entry form is available on the rally website
  • For international competitors I draw your attention to the following link which provides information about civil driving licenses in Japan. Please take note.
  • Kita Aikoku Community Centre will again be the location of the pre-event and rally service park.
  • Access to Kita Aikoku will be from 0900hrs on Monday 10 September
  • A reminder to teams and competitors. It is now a requirement for the holders of the FIA carnets to present themselves to Japan Customs in Tomakomai. This is scheduled to happen on Friday 7 September.

China Rally Longyou

  • Rally Guide 1 is available online here. Also available are documents for team identity forms, vehicle detail forms , entry forms etc.
  • Please note the requirement for obtaining a Visa for entry in to China. This is detailed in RG1 section 4.4 and on the Team Crew form.
  • If you are considering China Rally, please read the information in Rally Guide 1. Many things have to be prepared well in advance.

If you require any further information or advice on any of the above, please contact me directly.

Murray Brown
APRC Coordinator
+63 908 310 5888