Competitor Update – August 2014

Here is information and updates for the remaining rallies of APRC 2014.

Malaysian Rally

Plans are in place for me to do import customs inspections next week, prior to teams arrival. Team containers are expected to be placed in Angsana SP on Friday evening 8 August, and teams will be able to access them and start prep from Saturday 9 August.

We will have access to the SP until late afternoon/evening on Monday 18 August. Please allow time for packup as required before the containers are picked up and moved to the port for shipment to Japan.

  • I expect that all AP’s for cars imported for the rally will be finalized next week. The organizers will arrange Third Party Insurance cover for these vehicles. A small fee will be payable to the organizers for the TPI.
  • I have arranged to do the export customs inspections at Angsana SP, either late on Monday 18 August, or early Tuesday 19 August. Providing I have keys for all teams containers, there is no need for team members to be on hand for this.

APRC Working Group Meeting

  • A reminder that the annual meeting of the APRC Working Group will be held at 8am on Monday 18 August, at Grand Paragon Hotel.
  • I have sent out the agenda and relevant information to all current teams and competitors. Your presence at this meeting will be important, as the group needs to know what you are thinking re future of APRC.
  • The meeting will be attended by Mr Jarmo Mahonen, FIA Rally Director.


Rally Hokkaido

  • Supplementary Regulations are available on the website
  • As in previous years, we will not have access to the Kita Aikoku SP until Monday 22 September. I plan to have all containers placed in the SP no later than midday on Monday.
  • You should have already been contacted by the organizers regarding the validity (or otherwise) of your driving licenses in Japan. If you have any doubts about this, please contact myself or the organizers directly.

China Rally

  • Rally Guide 1 is now available on the website or
  • As usual, we have to make plans well in advance for temporary import permits. I will be contacting all teams re this over next few weeks, and we can discuss in Malaysia.

Rally of Thailand

If you are having any problems accessing the above information and documents, please contact me directly and I can send you a copy.
Any other questions re the above events, or the APRC, again, please feel free to contact me directly

Murray Brown
APRC Coordinator