Is Toyota Returning Rallying?

According to an exclusive report by Japanese rally magazine WRC PLUS, Toyota is testing a new  1.6 direct injection-turbo engine that has been under development by Cologne based Toyota Motorsport GmbH(TMG). This report is translated  from the WRC Plus report :


The progress of the development has been well under way and the engine has been already tested on dyno as well. The highlight of the project is that the engine is newly designed as “Global Race Engine (GRE)” same as of Citroen or Volkswagen rather than based on mass-production type.


Currently GRE is eligible for only WR car or S2000 in rallying. Touring Car is also acceptable with the engine practically, however, according to what TMG boss Yoshiaki Kinoshita said at the interview with WRC PLUS, TMG is planning to load the engine onto the chassis based Yaris.


The engine is featured by the latest edition of WRC PLUS vol.2 (published on 26 March 2012)

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