Mason to drive for SouEast Motor Kumho Team at Whangarei

Double New Zealand Rally Champion Richard Mason and Co-driver wife Sara, have been contracted to drive for the top Chinese Team – SOUEAST MOTOR KUMHO TEAM – in this year’s International Rally Whangarei next month – July 15 – 17.

The Masterton Flyers will spearhead the team’s attack on the prestigious, and highly competitive, APRC Teams Trophy. The Mitsubishi-backed team have already tasted success this year, after former British Champion Mark Higgins scored a last stage victory at Rally Queensland last month, and come to Whangarei in third place in the title race.

“We know from our two years competing in the Chinese National Championship just how important Team Titles are to the Chinese, so we are extremely honoured to have been invited to drive for them at Whangarei,” said an enthusiastic Richard.

“And one of our lasting memories of our time in China was how professional Fan Fan’s [the Team Owner and fellow team driver] team was, always the best possible cars and technicians and international drivers, so it’s awesome to be considered good enough to represent them,” said Sara.

“This whole ‘deal’ came together in a matter of days and we must acknowledge the major part played by Brian Green in making it all happen – particularly when he was in the thick of competing in New Caledonia last weekend,” said Richard.

“We also want to thank our loyal group of NZRC [New Zealand Rally Championship] sponsors and partners, particularly Greg Horne at BNT, who have been very supportive in telling us to ‘seize the opportunity’.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              BNT Mason Motorsport are very proud to have the support of BNT, Hopper Construction, Dunlop, B.W.O’Brien, The PC Factory, ScottSpeed Performance Engines, Geartech, MCA Suspension, Pagid, Randall & Associates, Quality Foods and Tom’s Auto Services, without whose invaluable assistance they would not have been able to embark on their tenth consecutive year as a leading contender in the NZRC.

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