Pennzoil backs Malaysian APRC Team

UMW PENNZOIL AND GSR MOTORSPORTS to represent Malaysia at Asia Pacific Rally Championship 2011
Encik Ruslan Abdul Ghani General Manager of UMW Pennzoil Distributors Malaysia Sdn Bhd proudly announced the participation of the PENNZOIL GSR RACING TEAM in the Asia Pacific Rally Championship this year with former Malaysian Rally Champion Gunaseelan Rajoo behind the wheels together with co-driver Jagdev Singh. He added that PENNZOIL GSR Racing Team’s duo shall also be the only Malaysian’s that shall be competing the full leg of the race.

The team will be taking part in a total of 6 rounds of the Championship, which will start in Malaysia, going through Australia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Japan and the final round ending in China.

“I am happy to see the team progressing into the international rally scene. We will be aiming to win the 2 Wheel Drive Cup at the APRC 2011 with our experienced competitors Guna and Jagdev and I am confident that we will fare well in the international level. We are most definitely looking forward to a good year for the rally championshp” said Encik Ruslan.

Guna expressed appreciation to his main sponsors UMW Pennzoil Distributors Malaysia and co-sponsors Yokohama Tyre Company Japan, Yokohama YHI Malaysia, Cusco Malaysia, Suzuki Malaysia,Aiman Motors and The Youth and sports Ministry of Malaysia for supporting the team’s participation in the Asia Pacific Rally Championship.

Guna added “I am very happy to be taking part in the region’s most prestigious rally championship”. Its going to be a tough year for Jagdev and me ,we will be up against the big boys and really looking forward to do malaysia and my sponsors proud.

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