Rifat is Back

Indonesian Rifat Sungkar makes a welcome return to the APRC entered for the full series along with Australian co-driver Scott Beckworth.

Beginning with the Malaysian Rally, Sungkar will miss Japan and then take up the challenge again in New Zealand competing in all five remaining events.

“We will use several cars this time to make the budget more efficient, although in Malaysia we will use my 07 Subaru. We have backing once again from Pertamina and Prima XP brand, while we’re also co-sponsored by Garuda Airlines and that will reduce our travel costs. Its going to be an interesting year to see the competition between the S2000 engines against the 33mm restrictor in the Group N cars. And having ex-WRC drivers like Alistair McRae and Chris Atkinson in the series is going to give the APRC some good profile” said Sungkar from his base in Indonesia.