TV Times for Europe 23-28 January

This week European broadcaster Motors-TV is airing 2009 APRC Rally Indonesia and China Rally. For latest schedule see our ‘Television’ page

Saturday 23th January 2010: 13.05 and 22.45 (Indonesia and China)

Sunday 24th January, 2010: 19.40 (Indonesia and China)

Monday 25h January: 00.55am and 0700 (Malaysian Rally) and 7.50 (Indonesia and China)

Tuesday 26th January: 0300 (Malaysian Rally) and 3.50, 10.55 (Indonesia and China)

Wednesday 27thJanuary: 1635 (Malaysian Rally) and 17.25 (Indonesia and China)


Thursday 28th January 8.20 (Indonesia and China)

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