Rally Hokkaido 2010

The 9th edition of Rally Hokkaido will take place in the sub-prefecture of Tokachi, on the island of Hokkaido in the north of Japan from 21-23 May, 2010.

The Tokachi area has one of the most suitable for rallying types of landscape in Japan and has been a host to international rallies, including four WRC events since 2002.

The region has the Hidaka mountain range in the north – east and contains one of the largest-scale agricultural industries in the nation. It also offers various attractions such as skiing in winter and rafting and camping in summer.

In May, the time of the rally, the average temperature in the area should be around 11oC (degrees Celsius), with average rainfall of 80mm.

At the time of the last Rally Hokkaido (July 2009) the figures were 18oC and 94mm respectively

Day 1 will consist 3 loops of over 20km stages and two runs of the OBIHIRO short spectator stage. As last year there will be two service areas – Kita Aikoku Service Park and Rikubetsu Remote Service. In total there will be 11 stages run on the day.

OBIHIRO 1 is run on DAY 1 A as the opening stage of the rally, as well as in 2009. DAY 1 B will consist of the renowned short spectator stage “RIKUBETSU”, the reversed 09’s SIPRIKAKIM stage “SIPRIKAKIM REVERSE” and reversed and shortened by 22km 09’s KUNNEYWA stage “KUNNEYWA REVERSE”.

DAY 2 will be similar of 09’s second day with the additional inclusion of new ASHORO stage. “ASHORO” is the reversed and renamed 08’s PAWSEKAMY stage. The OTOFUKE stage used to be called SINOTCAKI and is run in reverse to the original in 2009.

The total number of stages is 20 with many more spectator points added compared to the previous year.




Start – Kita Aikoku Service Park 1847hrs

SS1 OBIHIRO 1 1.20km 1900hrs


SS Location Distance First car due

Re-Start – Kita Aikoku Service Park 0600hrs

Service A. (10 min)

(Kita Aikoku Service Park)

SS2 SIPIRKAKIM REVERSE 1 25.12km 0805hrs

SS3 KUNNEYWA REVERSE 1 22.43km 0838hrs

SS4 RIKUBETSU 1 2.73km 0925hrs

Flexi – Service B. (20 min)

(Rikubetsu Service)

SS5 SIPIRKAKIM REVERSE 2 25.12km 1113hrs

SS6 KUNNEYWA REVERSE 2 22.43km 1146hrs

SS7 RIKUBETSU 2 2.73km 1233hrs

Flexi – Service C. (20 min)

(Rikubetsu Service)

SS8 SIPIRKAKIM REVERSE 3 25.12km 1421hrs

SS9 KUNNEYWA REVERSE 1 22.43km 1454hrs

SS10 OBIHIRO 2 1.20km 1807hrs

SS11 OBIHIRO 3 1.20km 1816hrs

Flexi Service D. (45min)

(Kita Aikoku Service Park)

All cars must be returned to Parc Ferme no later than 0000hrs


SS Location Distance First car due

Start – Kita Aikoku Service Park 0530hrs

Service E (15min)

(Kita Aikoku Service Park)

SS12 OTOFUKE 1 6.29km 0632hrs

SS13 NUPRIPAKE 1 12.73km 0757hrs

SS14 ASHORO 1 9.18km 0830hrs

SS15 HONBETSU 1 10.78km 0918hrs

SS16 OTOFUKE 2 6.29km 1009hrs

Flexi Service F. (20min)

(Kita Aikoku Service Park)

SS17 NUPRIPAKE 2 12.73km 1336hrs

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