New S-WRC gets the green light

Proposals for the new ‘Super 2000 World Rally Championship for Drivers,’ which will start in 2010, were approved today in Monaco at a meeting of the World Motor Sport Council.

There are 10 qualifying rallies for the new series, to be known as the S-WRC, and at the time of registration entrants must nominate seven rallies, including two outside Europe, in which to score points. The S-WRC is in addition to the WRC Cup for S2000 Teams, which was announced earlier in the year.

The new category effectively splits the Production Car World Rally Championship (P-WRC), which was previously open to both Super 2000 and Group N4 cars, into two separate competitions, both of which get their own FIA titles.

The World Council also took decisions today concerning WRC technical and safety regulations, as well as the 2010 calendar.

It was announced that from 2011, all new homologations of Super 2000 cars must be fitted with a 1600cc turbo engine. In addition, from 2011 Super 2000 cars (both 1600cc turbo and 2000cc normally aspirated variants) and Group N cars will be eligible to compete in the WRC and all FIA Regional Rally Championships.

From 2010, the latest FIA 8860-2004 safety helmet will be mandatory for all Priority drivers competing in World Rally Championship events. The helmet, which took eight years to develop by the FIA and FIA Institute, provides drivers with increased protection in all key impact areas.

The dates of three rallies in the 2010 season, Jordan, Bulgaria and Finland were also amended. The final approved calendar for 2010 is as follows:

1. Sweden: 12-14 February

2. Mexico: 5-7 March

3. Jordan: 1-3 April

4. Turkey: 16-18 April

5. New Zealand: 7-9 May

6. Portugal: 28-30 May

7. Bulgaria: 9-11 July

8. Finland: 29-31 July

9. Germany: 20-22 August

10. Japan: 10-12 September

11. France: 30 September – 3 October

12. Spain: 22-24 October

13. GB: 11-14 November

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