2009 APRC DVD – 4 Hours of Television Programming

The 2009 APRC TV DVD is for sale online, with full coverage of the 2009 championship – all the action and interviews supplemented by excellent helicopter and in-car camera footage.

On the two DVD’s are three 48-minute programmes aired by TV broadcasters in Asia, Europe and Australia with action from events in New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and China. An extra bonus is a one-hour programme from the Rally of Queensland featuring coverage of the APRC and the Australian Rally Championship, produced by Black Magic Media.

Go ONLINE: https://www.2checkout.com/checkout/purchase?PTCOID=d3352ad27c5a6c73791166a5708a53aa&sid=1221303&quantity=ctrl-ed&product_id=4

This article originally appeared on aprc.tv.