China Rally – Day 1

China Rally proved to be as tough as ever with several retirements on the first day, however Motor Image drivers Cody Crocker and Emma Gilmour are first and second in APRC, with Indonesia’s Rifat Sungkar 3rd. Yuya Sumiyama is having a good run for CUSCO and is 4th of the APRC registered drivers.

Although not registered for APRC this year Alister McRae is 4th overall for Proton. Crocker leads the event overall ahead of UK driver David Higgins.

APRC China Rally – Leg 1 Results
1st: Cody Crocker (1st overall)
2nd: Emma Gilmour (6th overall)
3rd: Rifat Sungkar (7th overall)
4th: Yuya Sumiyama (13th overall)

Alister McRae (4th overall)

Katsu Taguchi – suspension (SS9)
Hiroshi Yanagisawa – engine (SS3)
Gaurav Gill – engine (SS6)
Brian Green – gearbox and engine (SS9)