APRC Rollcall and Hayden’s Blog

The APRC competitors had shakedown today and this evening the ceremonial start. Click here to see photographs by Alan MacDonald and Hayden Paddon’s blog – the event so far.



Well the last couple of days here at the Queensland Rally have been great. Yesterday we completed a full day of recce, which was made very interesting after a lot of overnight rain.

Several sections of road had turned to mud and slush, although their hard base means that even in wet conditions it shouldn?t get too cut up. We got stuck once and were held up in another stage for 45 minutes while stuck cars were cleared off the road. So it was fair to say it was not your normal recce. The roads look great, very fast in places, but in other places not too dissimilar to some of our rougher forestry roads at home, which we thrive on.

The roads also dry out very quickly, so with the good day of hot weather we have had today the roads should dry out and become quite adhesive. Either way, it is the same for everyone and I cannot wait to get out there.

The guys also had a good day yesterday, getting the car freshened up, which included a new gearbox. After today?s shakedown the car is feeling strong. Shakedown was a ball, with a track that swept around buildings at the local showground on a surface of tarmac, broken tarmac and gravel. It was great sliding the car around and to our surprise we were the second fastest APRC car behind Cody Crocker.

However, the real fun and battle starts tomorrow, with 7 stages based around the small township of Imbil. We will all have an early start from here to head north which is not too bad, as we are still all programmed for NZ time, so a 5am start is actually a luxurious 7am start.

Results can be found throughout the day on www.rallyqueensland.com.au.

Will keep you posted tomorrow. Have a great weekend!


This article originally appeared on aprc.tv.