APRC seen by 388 million TV viewers

The 2008 APRC was seen by over 388 million TV viewers around world, with 208 broadcasters and/or countries airing an average of 5.2 hours each through the year.

The Asia Pacific Rally Championship is a featured championship on ESPN STAR Sports a broadcaster with over 201 million subscribers through 19 Asian countries, Motors-TV Europe available in 35 countries, GD-TV China, FoxSports Australia, a featured championship on the ‘Rally World’ series produced by WRC TV and available for internet download in Japan.

The total exposure value generated for the championship was $33 million of TV time (based on an average rate-card value US$500/minute) or US$4.72 million per event. For further information contact brian@aprc.tv

This article originally appeared on aprc.tv.