APRC International Rally of Whangarei

New Zealand’s Round of the FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship the APRC International Rally of Whangarei will be run to a similar format to last years inaugural event. The fast flowing smooth stages are world renowned as a great test of driver skill as opposed to car strength and are among the best in the world.

The event which is also the final round of the Pacific Cup will again be based at the Quayside Town Basin with Rally Headquarters, Media Centre, and Secretariat located in the same building as 2007 adjacent to the Service Park and Ceremonial Start and Finish venue. This centralised layout means that teams don’t have to relocate for servicing during the event and are located right in the middle of the City with all the convenience expected from such a location. A pre-event service facility will be provided to assist international competitors with their pre-event preparation.

Using the stages made famous by New Zealand’s Round of the WRC to the south of Whangarei the event will include such iconic stages as Brooks, Waipu Caves, Cassidy and Bull. The NAC Insurance Pohe Island Superspecial Stage will be used 3 times with the final run on Day 2.

There are a number of well established rally teams who can offer assistance and lease vehicles to overseas competitors and the event organisers Rally New Zealand are very experienced in assisting overseas competitors.

Rally Guide 1 for the APRC International Rally of Whangarei will be published by 6 February
on the event website www.rallywhangarei.co.nz

The event secretariat can be contacted at info@rallywhangarei.co.nz