Completed Stage (6.5km)

G. Gill4m 22.2s
J. Ketomaa4m 23.69s
O. Christian Veiby 4m 25.92s
R. Blomberg 4m 36.94s
B. Markovic4m 43.39s
T. Clarke4m 53.84s
A. Masumura4m 55.85s
J. O'Dowd4m 56.64s
P. Abhilash 5m 3.1s
S. Ito5m 3.67s
P. Dunn5m 7.95s
F. Takahashi5m 11.07s
R. Pinter5m 24.03s

NOTE: Times are indicative only, may not include any penalties, and may not be identical to the offical recorded stage times.

Live timing and tracking data courtesy of RallySafe.