2018 APRC Cups and Awards

FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship

The Premier FIA Championship of the APRC, this championship has been contested since 1988.

The winning driver and co-driver are expected to attend the FIA Gala at the end of the year to receive the FIA APRC Drivers Champions trophies.

At time of registration, drivers must nominate which Championships or Cups they wish to score points at. Points are only awarded to APRC registered drivers and co-drivers for rallies in the Championship or Cup that is nominated.

FIA APRC 2 Championship (formerly Production Cup)

Open to all FIA homologated Group N cars. These are cars based on standard production models as homologated by the FIA.

This championship provides for competitors who wish to continue to run their existing Group N cars (including ASN cars approved by the APRC executive) and compete with similar cars for the FIA APRC 2 Championship. It is a FIA sanctioned championship aimed at competitors without the need to invest in the more competitive purpose built class cars. The FIA APRC 2 Championship will be contested over the 6 rallies of APRC.

There will be an APRC 2 Cup for each of the Asia and Pacific Championships.

FIA Asia and Pacific Cups

The Asia and Pacific Cups are separate competitions within the APRC that allows teams/drivers to compete at events in either region – and still enjoy the benefits the APRC offers such as coordinated shipping, advanced start order and extensive media coverage.

For Pacific Cup, competitors may compete in the two Pacific rallies.

Asia Cup will feature four events – teams can compete in up to four rallies, the best three results will count to the final standings. It is possible to register for the APRC and one of the Cups.

FIA APRC Junior Championship for Drivers

The Junior Championship provides an opportunity for young drivers from anywhere in the world to compete in a shorter series of FIA sanctioned events in either 2WD or 4WD cars (excluding ASN, R5 and S2000) – the ideal class being NR4.

Junior Championship competitors compete in four FIA APRC rallies: New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and Japan. Minimum qualification is one rally in the Pacific and one in the Asia region.

Limited to drivers aged 28 years old or younger as at 1 January 2018.

APRC Teams Trophy

The Teams Trophy has provided an opportunity for teams to contest an APRC regional trophy alongside the overall APRC championship. Details can be found in 2018 FIA Regulations (APRC) or by contacting APRC Coordinator Murray Brown.

FIA APRC 3 Championship (formerly 2WD Cup)

This championship replaces the previous 2WD Cup and is open to all drivers of 2WD cars for all 6 rallies of APRC. As for APRC 2 Championship (above) there will be APRC 3 Cups for each of the Asia and Pacific Championships.

FIA Asia Pacific Rally Cup powered by Würth

This is a competition open to ALL drivers in the international event (including non-registered APRC drivers and co-drivers). There is a podium presentation for the top-three drivers in the international event where presentations are made to the overall winner, plus 2nd and 3rd overall.

All details and eligibility requirements can be found in the 2018 FIA Regulations (APRC) or by contacting APRC Coordinator Murray Brown.

Eligibility of Cars

The APRC has been authorised to approve eligible cars, that meet specific criteria, under the National Car Approval process. This is in addition to cars that comply with the JAF RJ, CAMS & MSNZ AP4 regulations and maxi cars already locally homologated in Argentina.

With the growing manufacturer and consumer interest in alternative fuel cars, the APRC has introduced a class of cars for Alternative Energy Vehicles (AEV).

New for 2018 is a class of competition for Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) or Crossover vehicles. Such vehicles will be eligible under the APRC National Car Approval process (ASN) and will have a separate competition designated as SUV.

Application for approval of these cars can be made via the secretariat and further details are available in the 2018 RRSR (V4 – APRC) or from Murray Brown, APRC Coordinator: murray.brown@fiaaprc.com

Classes and Groups

RC2 S2000-Rally: 1.6T engine with a 28mm restrictor
S2000-Rally: 2.0 Atmospheric Group R5 (VR5)
Group R4 (VR4)
Group NR4 over 2000cc (current N4)
AP4 (MSNZ & CAMS regulations – including Argentine Maxi car)
RJ Category (JAF regulations) – over 2000cc
RGT RGT cars
RC3 Group A over 1600cc and up to 2000cc Super 1600
R2 (over 1600cc and up to 2000cc – VR2C)
R3 (atmo / over 1600cc and up to 2000cc – VR3C)
R3(turbo / up to 1620cc / nominal – VR3T)
R3 (diesel / up to 2000cc / nominal – VR3D)
G2 (CAMS regulations)
RC4 Group A up to 1600cc
R2 (over 1390cc and up to 1600cc – VR2B) Kit-car up to 1600cc
Group N over 1600cc and up to 2000cc
RJ Category (JAF regulations) – over 1600cc and up to 2000cc
RC5 Group N up to 1600cc
R1 (up to 1600cc –VR1A/VR1B)
RJ Category (JAF regulations) – up to 1600cc