Competitor Update – 25 August 2015

APRC Fuel Supplies 2015

  • You will be aware of the incident that happened recently in the port of Tianjin, China. As this involved the handling and storage of dangerous goods, this has had a dramatic effect on the fuel shipments to APRC rallies.
  • Fuel due to be shipped to Japan for Rally Hokkaido was rejected at the port of export. This is a direct result of the Tianjin incident.
  • As a further complication fuel shipments in to China have been suspended. The Xingang port is one of the ports affected in Tianjin.
  • At this stage I am unsure as to ability to ship fuel to India for India Rally. I will keep you informed as situation develops.

Rally Hokkaido

  • Rally Guide 2 is due to be available on 28 August. Please check the rally website
  • Entries for Rally Hokkaido close on Friday 28 August, at 1800hrs
  • Registration for Asia Cup (if Rally Hokkaido is your first nominated rally) closes at same time, ie Friday 28 August.
  • If you are wanting to order pump fuel through the organisers (refer Supp Regs Art 8) you will need to have your orders placed by Friday 3 September. Order form is available on the rally website.
  • A reminder also for media accreditation, applications for accreditation close on Friday 3 September.
  • If you have not already done so, the organizers have arranged special rates for rental cars for Rally Hokkaido participants. Please refer to the link available on the website.

China Rally

  • China Rally will be held in Longyou again this year.
  • Supplementary Regulations are available on the rally website
  • Detailed import invoices to process the temporary import in to China need to be sent to China by 15 September. As in previous years I will prepare these on behalf of teams. I will ask teams to confirm the details on the invoices before I send these to China.
  • There is the possibility of an FIA approved fuel to be available in China through one of the local teams. If you are interested in details on this, please let me know.

Coffee Day India Rally

  • Plans are coming together for India Rally. Within next few weeks I expect more information to be made available by the organisers.
  • Currently I am expecting to have all containers moved under customs bond from Chennai, to Bangalore. Customs inspections are expected to take place in Bangalore on approx 2-4 December and then have containers available at Chikkamagaluru by Monday 7 December.
  • Please note that currently organisers are planning 2 separate service parks for Leg 1 and Leg 2. It will not be possible to re-locate the team containers. Alternative transport options are being investigated.
  • As more information becomes available I will pass this on.

Vehicle Livery

  • A general reminder to teams when considering livery (stickers/painting) of your rally cars. I refer you to FIA Regional Rally Sporting Regulations V4 (APRC) Article 18.2.4.
  • When preparing your livery, please ensure you allow for the reserved space as provided for under this article.

If you are having any problems accessing the above information and documents, please contact me and I can send you a copy.
Any other questions re the above events, or the APRC, again, please feel free to contact me directly

Murray Brown
APRC Coordinator