Competitor Update – April 2015

Rallye de Nouvelle Caledonie

  • Team containers will be available at the pre-rally service area in Ducos from early next week.
  • Containers will be moved to the rally service park at Tene-Bourail on Friday 15 May.
  • Note that Leg 1A will be held Friday 15 May at the Noumea Hippodrome. Two passes of this superspecial stage, the second in darkness, to start the rally off.
  • Export arrangements are in place for shipping to Brisbane Australia following Rally New Caledonia. A reminder that due to the AQIS quarantine inspections in Brisbane, all cars, wheels, parts and equipment (including the containers) must be thoroughly cleaned prior to shipment. There will be facilities and time available for this to happen after the rally finishes, and all day Monday 18 May, if required. The organisers have informed me there will be a wash facility available at the SP in Tene-Bourail.
  • Note that the SP at Bourail is not at the Sheraton Hotel (Rally HQ) but is close by.
  • A reminder that you will be required to obtain insurance cover for all vehicles used on the roads. Details available in Rally Guide 2, page 14.

International Rally of Queensland

  • Supplementary Regulations are available on the rally website
  • Entries close on Wednesday 3 June.
  • The format for IROQ will follow closely that of the last couple of years. Team containers will be located at the pre-event service area in the carpark of the HQ hotel, Oaks Oasis, Caloundra.
  • Details of the timing and location for AQIS inspections will be confirmed closer to time. However, it is expected they will take place on Friday 12 June, at the same facility as used in previous years (Russells Transport yard). Following the inspections, containers will then be moved to Caloundra.

Malaysian Rally

  • Currently there is no information available for Malaysian Rally 2015. This is expected to be available soon.

Rally Hokkaido

  • Rally Guide 1 is available on the event website,

Asia Cup Registrations

  • A reminder that registrations for APRC Asia Cup 2015 close at the close of entries for Malaysian Rally (if you wish to nominate Malaysian Rally for Asia Cup). This is expected to be approximately 20 July. The date will be confirmed when RG1 for Malaysia is published.

National Car Approvals

  • There have been 3 cars approved for eligibility under the National Car approval process. If you are wanting to apply for approval to use similar cars, these applications should be forwarded to the APRC secretariat in advance.
  • The application form is available on the APRC website
    For clarification, nationally approved cars will be shown on the rally entry lists and subsequent documents with the group as “ASN”. The same also applies to cars that are eligible under the JAF RJ Category “RJ” and CAMS G2 category “G2”.

As always if you have any questions on any of the above, please call or email me at the below contacts.

Murray Brown
APRC Coordinator
+63 908 310 5888