Würth Extends til 2017

German tool and chemical company Würth have been an important part of the FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship for the past two years and the partnership has been so successful Würth recently confirmed they will continue the relationship for another three years.

Announcing the agreement earlier this month Andreas List, Business Director at Würth International Trading (Shanghai) Co,. Ltd. said, “The growing interest and increasing number of teams participating in the FIA APRC year by year shows the success of this championship and underlines the importance of our sponsoring activity. Team spirit, willingness to perform and to give one’s best are important factors in Rally. Such values determine also the corporate culture of the Würth group”.

Working with the teams and getting their feedback has been an important factor for Würth deciding to continue the partnership, “Rally sport is one of the toughest motorsports and since our high quality products are made for motorsports it’s the perfect environment to prove that we do have indeed have outstanding quality”, said Michael Loefflad of the Würth Asia Pacific Strategy Board in a recent TV interview. “It’s been a good experience for the company working with the APRC as we’re getting from the teams a direct response on product quality and service”.

“The organisers and the teams have enjoyed a very good working relation with Würth over the past two years and to know that’s going to continue with a long term agreement is fantastic news for everyone, as we plan for the future”, said APRC President Steven Kennedy. “There are some exciting times ahead for rallying, especially with Toyota returning to the WRC and hopefully other Japanese manufacturers will follow. For the APRC having India join the series means our potential TV and media audience is now the largest of any regional FIA motorsport championship at over 2.7 billion. For Wurth and future partners that’s a huge asset and we need to maximise the opportunities for everyone”.

The 2015 FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship will start in New Zealand in April, followed by New Caledonia and then Queensland, Australia. Malaysia is the first of the Asian rounds, and then comes the most northern event Hokkaido, Japan, followed by the China Rally southeast of Shanghai. India joins the APRC this year as a round of the Asia Cup with the Coffee Day Rally.

For Information on the APRC: Brian Young (Marketing,Media,TV), brian@aprc.tv or Murray Brown (APRC Coordinator) murray.brown@fiaaprc.com

For further Information on Würth: Martin Rueitti, Martin.Ruetti@wurth-international.com.cn

Photographs: https://www.hightail.com/download/UlRRZHlrdVU5eFhsZThUQw