Competitor Update – September 2014

Hi everyone,

For your reference my mobile number in Japan, from Sunday 21 September to Monday 29 September, will be +818028767973 (outside of Japan), or 08028767973 (within Japan).

Rally Hokkaido

  • Rally Guide 2 for Rally Hokkaido is now available online.
  • As mentioned previously, we will not have access to Kita Aikoku SP until Monday morning, 22 September. Team containers are expected to be grounded by midday, latest.
  • Please take note of the SP access times as in RG 2. These will be monitored.
  • Teams will be required to pack containers by afternoon of Monday 29 September. They will then be uplifted by crane as usual on Monday afternoon.
  • If you have not already done so, the organizers have arranged special rates for rental cars for Rally Hokkaido participants. Please refer to the link available on the website.

Entry Fees

  • A reminder that all competitors are responsible for the payment of entry fees for each rally that they nominate at the time of APRC registration. This is detailed in the APRC regulations. By signing and completing the registration form you have acknowledged you accept and understand the regulations. If you have nominated a rally when you registered for APRC or any of the Cups, and then do not compete in that rally, you are still required to pay the standard entry fee to the organisers.
  • If you do decide NOT to compete in a nominated rally, please advise the rally organizers of this.

Rally Car For Sale

If anyone is interested in purchasing a Ford Fiesta R2 rally car, please let me know and I will put you in contact with the owner. This is a New Zealand based car.

Any questions re the above, or the APRC, please feel free to contact me directly

Murray Brown
APRC Coordinator