Competitor Update – July 2014

Malaysian Rally

  • An updated version of Rally Guide 1 is available on the event website
  • There has been a delay in the publication of final Supplementary Regulations. A draft copy is available on the website, providing you with the relevant information.
  • An accommodation booking form for Grand Paragon Hotel (Rally HQ) is posted as well.
  • Entry forms are also available, if you havent already entered. Entries close on 14 July. Fees are listed in RM but should be paid in USD – contact organizers or myself for details.
  • As in previous years, team containers are expected to be onsite at Angsana SP on Saturday 9 August.
  • I am arranging to have customs inspections completed before the containers are delivered. There is no need to teams to be on site for the inspections.
  • As further information is available and confirmed, I will advise all concerned.

APRC Working Group Meeting

  • The annual meeting of the APRC Working Group will be held on Monday 18 August at 8 am at Grand Paragon Hotel.
  • All team managers, and representatives are invited to and welcome to this meeting to discuss issues regarding APRC. Details of meeting will be available on request.
  • Before the meeting on Monday 18, it has been recommended that a series of informal “workshop” meetings be held with teams. A variety of topics will be up for discussion to assist the WG in planning the direction for the next years. These will be held around the Angsana SP, or Rally HQ, at times to suit all concerned.
  • It is important that you as teams, as stakeholders in the APRC, are able to discuss any APRC issues with the executive and working group members. Your input is important, and we need to hear your views.

Rally Hokkaido

Plans are well underway for Rally Hokkaido. Supplementary Regulations are available on the event website

Change of Co-driver or Competitor

  • Please be aware that it is a requirement under APRC regulations that all drivers, co-drivers and competitors are registered with the FIA. THIS IS IMPORTANT.
  • Co-drivers CAN be changed before an event, but please ensure they are also registered. If any questions on this, please contact me directly.
  • Similar for Competitors, except that a new competitor must register AND pay the required registration fee.

If you have any questions on any of the above, or if you have any problems accessing the event information, please make contact with me directly.

Murray Brown
APRC Coordinator