APRC Stronger with Wurth

WurthWurth, a global German company with interests in the automotive industry, has joined forces with the Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) this year to ensure the competing crews have all the gear they need to finish the challenging championship.

Before this month’s International Rally of Queensland (12-14th July) got under way, Wurth delivered much needed products to the APRC competitors, which was warmly welcomed by team mechanics and drivers as Wurth products are known to withstand the brutal punishment rally cars endure, particularly here in Australia.

President of the APRC, Steven Kennedy, said it was great to have the backing of such a well-respected company for the APRC and he hopes the strong relationship between the two continues to flourish in the future.

“It is a major step forward for the APRC, and also for Wurth who will now be able to expand their markets throughout the Asia Pacific region. Both ourselves [APRC] and Wurth are excited about the involvement in the championship,” said Kennedy.

“The feedback I’ve already had from teams is fantastic. They’re all very happy with how Wurth’s products are performing out there on the stages.”

Wurth Australia’s CEO, Mr. Serge Oppedisano, said “rallying is the ideal stage to demonstrate the strength and durability of Würth’s product range. The need for high quality, performance orientated products are critical to the success of rallying.”

Team Manager for the APRC’s leading team Team MRF, Lane Heenan, says that the Wurth products are always the first choice for his team because their products are strong, reliable and can be purchased in any of the countries the APRC visits.

“We use Wurth products for everything, from lubricants to cleaners, to cable ties to strong paper towels for cleaning,” said Heenan.

“We can also get access to their products all over the place so it makes it incredibly easy from a logistical point of view.”

Heenan says his team can be using up to 20 different Wurth products at any given event and says he was pleased when Wurth joined forces with the APRC.

“It was good to hear they had come on board with the APRC. Their products are good for all of the teams here and it’s great to have a company involved that is interested in what we do, and related to what we do too.”

Wurth Australia were out at the International Rally of Queensland (12-14th July) all weekend, showing their support to the hundreds of fans and families that have come to see some action and offering advice to many of the competing crews.

Rallying is known as a family sport around the world and the majority of drivers thank their family, and “rally-family”, such as their mechanics, for their success and Wurth can relate to the importance of that family.

The Wurth Group, which operates in over 80 countries worldwide with a total of 64,000 employees, has been a family owned, operated and orientated company since its inception back in 1945, making the distinct connection between their company and the APRC and the importance of close relationships in achieving success.

Further information available at www.aprc.tv