My Perfect Day – Esapekka Lappi

As part of a regular feature on MAXRALLY, we speak to various drivers and co-drivers to find out what they would do on their perfect Saturday.

This week we spoke to 22-year-old Esapekka Lappi (the driver famously billed as being faster than God in his native Finland) ahead of his debut in the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship in New Zealand next weekend.

“On my perfect day I would wake up at 8am and would be at home in Finland. For breakfast I’d have two boiled eggs, some bread with ham and cheese and wash it down with two glasses of orange juice. A good breakfast always sets me up for the day.

“For an hour I would sit on my computer, check out a few websites and look at the news. After that, I’d either go to the gym or go for a jog. My fitness regime usually depends on the weather but I like to keep fit and healthy. I have to because of my job.

“In the afternoon, I’d hang out with some of my friends. Friends are very important to me. I like to play with cars too – and would probably find myself waxing and tuning some cars at some point during the day. I feel bored if I don’t have anything to do, I always like to keep busy. My home in Finland is my favourite place to be: it’s about 80km from Jyvaskyla and I’ve lived there all my life. It’s got everything I want: it’s calm and I’ve got my friends close to me.

“The evening would be spent with my girlfriend. We’d go out for a nice dinner, probably meat of some sort and have some white wine. Then we’d go home and watch a comedy film on the sofa before heading to bed at 11pm.”

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