New APRC TV Broadcasters increases potential audience to 1.9 billion viewers

APRC TV is pleased to confirm new television and IPTV broadcasters in China, India, Japan and Thailand, increasing the potential audience to 1.9 billion with an actual measured audience per event of 72 million households.

In China Asia Pacific Rally Championship television will continue to be broadcast on Guangdong TV and CCTV-5, but a new partnership with Robin Kung Multimedia Productions will see APRC news and programming on multiple IPTV and broadcasters throughout China. Robin Kung will be familiar to Chinese viewers as the presenter for Formula One and Moto GP on ESPN STAR Sports. In 2012 Kung will expand  TV programming  in China to forty 25-minutes episodes and the Asia Pacific Rally Championship will be a feature series.

Japan has two new IPTV channels that will air APRC programming, sports sites via the Yahoo network and joined  by Gaora Sports .

Doordshan is Indian largest free-to-air network with over a billion potential viewers and  APRC TV programming and news will run on the DD Sports channel.

In Thailand the Outdoor Channel has aired 2011 APRC and will continue in 2012. Truevision, the same company that runs the Bangkok Motor Show and numerous magazines,  will add the Asia Pacific Rally Championship coverage to their ‘Grand Prix Channel’ programming in 2012 giving massive distribution throughout Thailand.

APRC TV is evaluating a switch to full HD in 2012 and will be providing coverage of all APRC events. Viewers can see on event updates via our YouTube and channels, while broadcasters can apply to download direct from our FTP.

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