2010 APRC DVD On-Sale

The 2010 APRC DVD set is available for purchase on-line. This set features all the television coverage from 2010 and special stage footage from each event and each major driver.

The 2010 FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship was one of the best for years with three majors teams fighting for honours.

MRF Tyres Mitsubishi and Cusco Mitsubishi were joined in 2010 by Malaysian car manufacturer Proton who entered two of their nimble S2000 Proton Satria Neos.

In the final round at China Rally three drivers were in contention for the FIA APRC driver’s title, MRF team-mates Katsu Taguchi (Japan) and Gaurav Gill (India), and Rifat Sungkar (Indonesia). The Pacific and Asia Cups were equally competitive and each event featured up to four local wildcards. At three rally events one the wildcards finished on the podium.

This DVD set features all the action from six very different events travelling from Malaysia to Japan, through the Pacific and finally to China.

An added bonus is extended on-board camera footage from every round featuring: Chris Atkinson (Malaysia – SS1), Katsu Taguchi (Hokkaido – SS15), Alister McRae (New Zealand – SS2), Gaurav Gill (Queensland – SS8), Rifat Sungkar (New Caledonia – SS5), Hiroshi Yanagisawa (China – SS2) .

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This article originally appeared on aprc.tv.