Higgins Working on APRC Deal

High-profile British driver David Higgins has revealed he’s actively working on a deal to contest the Asia Cup in the 2010 Asia-Pacific Rally Championship.

Even with funding hard to find, the Englishman is determined to contest the series this year. “It is still our aim to do the cup this year”, he told APRC Live this week. “But we are still very much in the fund raising process, so we do not know anything for sure yet”.

Higgins has had great success in the Chinese Rally Championship in recent years, and first revealed his intention to compete for the Asia Cup via his web site. “The Asia Cup…already includes the Longyou Rally which we do as part of the Chinese series, so I am looking into finding the funds to contest events in Malaysia, Indonesia or Japan so we can go for the Cup”.

“It’s always very competitive on the events in China,” said Higgins. “But when the APRC drivers join in the fray, it gets even more competitive. We have always had great success on those events, mainly battling with multiple APRC champion Cody Crocker who we have beaten in the past, so it makes sense to build on that with the Asia Cup.”

Photos courtesy of www.plopcrew.net and www.davidhigginsrally.com.

This article originally appeared on aprclive.com and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship or its partner organisations.

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