Malaysian Rally One-Hour programme for STAR Sports

A One-Hour programme featuring the Malaysian Rally will air on ESPN STAR Sports in the lead up to the Singapore F1 Grand Prix. Further information for Europe, Australia and New Zealand at

This special episode looks back into the Malaysian Rally history when Ross Dunkerston, Rod Millen, Colin McRae, Kenneth Eriksson, Tommi Makinen, Richard Burns and Possum Bourne battled it out in the Rubber Plantations. We preview the new Proton S2000 with an extended interview with MEM’s Chris Mellors and of course cover all the action and drama from the 2009 event.

STAR Sports HK          21 Sept/23:00hkt

                               23 Sept/08:00hkt

                               25 Sept/02:30hkt

                               26 Sept/16:00hkt


STAR Sports SEA      21 Sept/23:00hkt

Malaysia/NPL           26 Sept/03:30hkt

                             28 Sept/09:00hkt                                   


STAR Sports China    21 Sept/23:00hkt    

                             28 Sept/14:00hkt


STAR Sports India     28 Sept/23:00ind

                             30 Sept/12:00ind


STAR Sports Taiwan 24 Sept/03:00hkt

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