Ford Fiesta S2000 for Asia-Pacific

The Ford Fiesta Super 2000R rally car has been approved by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) for regional homologation in the Asia-Pacific area.

This homologation enables the car to be entered in all domestic championships in the Asia-Pacific region for which the FIA Super 2000 – Rallies category is eligible as well as the Asia Pacific Rally Championship which includes events in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, New Caledonia, Indonesia, Malaysia and China.

In addition, the car is also eligible to compete in Rally Japan and the Repco Rally Australia and Rally New Zealand events which form part of the FIA World Rally Championship. The car was designed and built by Britek Motorsport on behalf of Ford Australia. Up until this point, the Fiesta S2000R has been campaigned in the Australian Rally Championship (ARC) under Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) recognition and is now eligible for the ARC by virtue of its FIA homologation.

The car’s recent approval has been achieved through the representations of CAMS. It is currently the only Australian competition vehicle which has an FIA homologation. “Britek is delighted to have the Fiesta S2000R homologated for competition in the Asia Pacific region,” said Britek Motorsport Manager Marcus Clarke. “Along with CAMS we first presented the two rally Fiestas, plus a complete kit of parts, to President of the FIA Technical Commission Jacques Berger and Director General of the FIA Manufacturers Commission Gabriel Cadringher in November. “This is great news from a Britek point of view, but also for Australian motor sport. CAMS have provided outstanding support during the entire process and along with Ford Australia have certainly embraced what we wanted to achieve. “The goal now is to get people in the Fiesta S2000R and onto the podium!”

As well as safety and performance, the FIA sets stringent guidelines in vehicle eligibility and documentation which have been met. CAMS FIA Delegate Garry Connelly explained where the Fiesta S2000R can be campaigned. “The car is able to compete in any rally for which FIA Super 2000 and Group N rally cars are eligible in the Asia Pacific region,” said Connelly. “Whilst the homologation is initially for the Asia Pacific region, when a quantity of 10 ‘build kits’ can be completed FIA worldwide homologation may be applied for. It would be great a feat for a manufacturer in Australia to achieve this, particularly as Super 2000 will soon be a base of the FIA’s new World Rally Car regulations. “CAMS have undertaken a significant amount of work with the Ford team and the FIA to achieve this outcome and are pleased that the Fiesta homologation is now in place. We look forward to the next Australian Super 2000 homologation which should be completed in the near future.”

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