APRC Coordinator

Welcome to the 2017 Asia Pacific Rally Championship.

APRC 2017 will feature six rallies on the calendar, two in the Pacific region and four in the Asia region.

As in previous years, the Asia and Pacific Cups will again feature as opportunities for teams to be a part of APRC, without the need to commit to nominating six rallies for the year. This has proved successful with several drivers taking this option. Asia Cup 2017 will be competed at China, Malaysia, Japan and India.

Changes to the eligibility regulations for APRC 2017 are a reflection of the need to move away from the traditional FIA class cars and incorporate some of the cars that are currently used in National Championships. This is a further extension of the eligibility that was introduced in 2014 for cars under JAF RJ category to the CAMS G2 category. We believe this will provide some options to competitors.

Murray Brown, APRC Coordinator
Murray Brown, APRC Coordinator
This year’s calendar has been set and confirmed by the FIA with the number of rallies confirmed as six. Registered competitors are required to nominate a minimum of six rallies (for APRC) at the time of registration, and thus score points at those rallies.

For Pacific Cup, competitors are required to nominate and compete in the two Pacific rallies.

Asia Cup will feature four rallies. Teams must nominate three or four rallies and compete in minimum of three. The best three results will count to the final standings. It is possible to register for the APRC and one of the Cups.

2017 Features

  • APRC 2016 will again include a Junior Trophy for drivers competing in 4WD cars. Qualifying rallies will be Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.
  • Applications will be considered for national cars to be eligible for APRC.
  • The FIA APRC 2 (formerly Production Cup) will again be contested in 2017
  • The FIA APRC 3 (formerly 2WD Cup) will be a choice for competitors in 2WD cars.
  • APRC 2 Cups will be up for competition in both the Pacific and Asia regions.

With six rounds spread over eight months of the year, it will mean that team preparation will be to the highest standard to ensure successful competition at each event.

As any APRC event or championship information comes available I am currently sending out an email brief to all interested parties to alert them to this fact. This has proven to be very popular to update teams of developments.

For any interested person, team or firm, who has an interest in the APRC, and wishes to be included on the distribution list, please email me at the address below.

For any current information on the APRC; registration, regulations, rallies, dates, logistics, shipping, documentation etc, please feel free to contact me directly.

In a private capacity I am providing a coordinated shipping and logistics service to all APRC competitors. Full details of this service are available on request.

Good Rallying, and look forward to seeing you on event somewhere.

Murray Brown
APRC Coordinator
Email: murray.brown@fiaaprc.com