Competitor Update – 21 July 2017

International Rally of Johor

  • We have come up with a service park layout that will allow for containers to be included in your service area, as well as access to the pit workshops.
  • Team containers are expected to be delivered to the Johor Circuit, on Saturday 5 August. I am planning for the customs inspection process to take place on Friday 4 August.
  • For the export to Japan following Rally of Johor, it is expected that export customs inspections will take place on Monday afternoon, 14 August at Johor Circuit. This means team containers will need to be packed and ready for inspection by approx midday on Monday 14 August.
  • Please remember the prize giving dinner that will be held on Sunday 13 August. As per Supp Regs Art 15 and V4 APRC regulations 56.2.1, it is a requirement for crew members to attend this.
  • Entries for International Rally of Johor and APRC Asia Cup close today, Friday 21 July. Please ensure you have done this.

APRC Working Group meeting

  • The annual APRC Working Group meeting will be held on Monday 14 August, following Rally of Johor.
  • Final details and agenda are yet to be confirmed, however, this meeting will take place at Rally HQ hotel in Johor Bahru, starting at 8 am.
  • The Working Group meeting is an important part of the planning and management of APRC. As teams have discovered in recent years, the WG wants to hear the views of teams/competitors. Your presence at the meeting is important, your views and opinions are valuable and necessary to make the APRC better.

Rally Hokkaido

  • Supplementary Regulations are available online
  • Access to Kita Aikoku will be from 0900hrs on Monday 11 September
  • A reminder to teams and competitors. It is now a requirement for the holders of the FIA carnets to present themselves to Japan Customs in Tomakomai.
  • FIA carnet holders MUST present themselves, with their passports, to the Tomakomai Customs office on Friday 8 September at 9 am. In association with my agent in Tomakomai, we are working on a plan to do this as a group. Once confirmed I will provide details.
  • The most important thing at this stage is that you are in Tomakomai on Friday 8 August. This will normally mean you would need to fly in to Sapporo airport Thursday night or early Friday morning.

Coffee Day India Rally 2017

  • India Rally 2017 Rally Guide 1 is available online
  • As per 2016, this rally will be based in and around the Coffee Day coffee plantations around the city of Chikmagalur.
  • Closer to time, I will be providing further details on shipping and logistics and further event information. Please continue to check the rally website for more information.

Asia Cup registration, APRC regulation change

  • A reminder that registrations for Asia Cup now close on Friday 21 July, the same date as close of entries for Rally of Johor.
  • Registration forms are available on the APRC website
  • With the cancellation of China Rally, Asia Cup will now consist of 3 rallies, Malaysia, Japan and India. All 3 rounds will count towards final results for Asia Cup, APRC 2 Asia Cup and APRC 3 Asia Cup.
  • The APRC executive, and with approval of the FIA Rallies Commission, has agreed to waive the requirement under APRC Regulations (2017 FIA RRSR V4) Art 5.3 and Art 5.4.3 where competitors are required to pay the entry fee to organisers for all nominated rallies, even if any rallies are not entered or competed in.
  • Please note that the above changes are effective for 2017 only. There is expected to be a revision of registration requirements prior to 2018. All other requirements of APRC registration have NOT changed for 2017.
  • If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact me directly.

2WD APRC 3 Cars available

Have you ever wanted to seriously compete in APRC, and are comfortable driving a state of the art 2WD R2 rally car?
There will be RHD R2 cars available from Rally of Johor onwards, for use in Asia Cup, Malaysia, Japan and India. And for a full APRC programme in 2018. If you would like to know more about these cars, please just drop me an email.

If you have any questions at all on any of the above, or any other aspect of APRC 2017, please feel free to contact me directly.

If having problems accessing or downloading any of the forms and information as mentioned above, please contact me directly and I can email copies.

Murray Brown
APRC Coordinator
+63 908 310 5888

Dream Win for Veiby

Ole Christian Veiby exceeded his wildest expectations when he hit the jackpot and won the WRC2 class at Rally Poland. “This is incredibly huge. Now I’m proud” he said.

Ahead of the event, Ole Christian Veiby stated that the WRC round in Poland is his favorite. He predicted that it would be a speed fest and the Norwegian definitely got into the atmosphere. The youngster, who turned 21 just 15 days ago, was the big surprise of the weekend when he and his co-driver Stig Rune Skjærmoen beat all competitors and secured their first win in the WRC2.

“I’m almost out of words. I was absolutely not expecting to come to Poland and beat Pontus (Tidemand). This is incredibly fun” he said with a big smile.

To put the performance in perspective, Rally Poland was just his seventh start in the WRC2 and the 22nd WRC event in his career. He had participated in Poland only once before; last year he finished third in the JWRC in a front-wheel drive car. That is something completely different than the four-wheel drive Skoda that he drives now.

Veiby, Skjærmoen, Rally Poland 2017
“I am exceptionally proud. By winning a WRC2 event for the first time, I’ve hit a new milestone. The thought of that feels so good” he stated.

After being third on the short opening stage on Thursday evening, Ole started his Friday by winning the first stage. He also took the overall lead. After that, Ole never looked back – even though he were in an exciting duel with Pontus Tidemand for a good while.

“It was really cool to have Pontus chasing me. We pushed each other all the way, but I managed to take a few tenths and seconds here and there until I slowly extended my lead. Suddenly I had an advantage of 17 seconds. Going into some stages I decided to take a chance and really push. We knew that we had to be at it to keep Pontus behind us. On some of the stages it was flat out. I’ve never driven that fast before” said a very pleased Ole Christian Veiby, who was afraid that a puncture would destroy his chances of winning.

“I feared that the victory would slip away from me when I got a rear right puncture on SS17. I pushed like crazy to not lose too much time. It was a really close call in a few left hand corners so maybe we were a bit lucky. I felt a little low when we reached the finish, but as it turned out, Pontus had also had a puncture on the same stage. He lost more time than we did and with a minute’s lead, we knew we had a good grip of the win” he explained.

After being fastest on half of the 18 first stages, it was all about maintaining the lead on today’s four stages.

“I think we managed to keep calm and focused. Even though we just needed to get to the finish, I can guarantee that it is not easy in those conditions. That’s why I didn’t take anything for granted until we crossed the finish line on the last stage. It was an indescribable feeling” he said.

Eventually it was 32 seconds down to Pontus Tidemand, who secured second place.

“The whole weekend has been a dream. The car has been working perfectly. We have barely made any adjustments and the pacenotes have been very good. All in all everything has been perfect” said Ole Christian.